Rural houses, farms and guesthouses

List of "Excursions" available during the period

Guesthouse “La Tudora”

Guesthouse “La Tudora” is the place where you can find peace on the banks of the Lower Dniester; also here you can enjoy traditional dishes. In ...

Guesthouse “Valea Stancii”

From June 2019, the Valea Stancii tourist guesthouse opened the doors of an old house and receives guests in a welcoming, beautifully arranged ...

Guesthouse “Casa de sub stanca”

Casa de sub Stanca agrotourism guesthouse is located exactly near the rock, which arouses a lot of interest for tourists who come to visit it. The ...

Guesthouse “Casa verde”

Casa Verde guesthouse has been operating since 2005, being among the first guesthouses in the Republic of Moldova. The greatness of the place, the ...

Guesthouse „Vila Roz”

Vila Roz Guesthouse is the place where you can fully enjoy the charm of rustic tourism. Villa Roz captivates with its fairytale location, guarded on ...

Guesthouse ”Hanul lui Hanganu”

Hanul lui Hanganu is a perfect choice for those who appreciate traditional values and rustic design. The guesthouse has all the rustic looking decor ...

Guesthouse ”NistruM”

The guesthouse is in a spectacular natural setting, which offers the extraordinary view of a relief with steep hills, valleys where there are springs ...

Rural house “La Bunica”

Here you will really feel like visiting your grandparents, enjoying the tranquillity of the village, the traditional cuisine and nature! The house ...

Rural house “Casa rustica”

Unlimited freedom and unobstructed views- that's what you feel at Casa Rustica. From the terrace of the house, fascinating views open up to Dealul ...

Rural house “Albinuta”

It has a special charm due to the fact that it also has a therapeutic house where the bees pamper all their visitors with a true symphony of aromas ...

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